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Moving her in would exacerbate the problems I think. Bad idea. I never advice anyone to move someone in or move in when their relationships are so new and on the rocks. Its good she is far away as it will give you time to deal with your issues and process. There is no rush here. Most relationships take years to develop. Why rush? There is no ultimate goal anyway, its always change, growth, more stuff to work on. That doesn't end when someone moves in.

Do some research here on "moving in." Look in the tags. Many have tried that and its been more of a rough ride. A tag search for "nre" might be good too.

I also agree. Time to break your triad into a vee and get about finding your own partners to date. All the more reason for her NOT to move in. That a whole new kettle of fish. Ya, slow down and deal with one thing at a time I think.
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