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Default Positive Role Models for Monos

This is a big issue I want to address on my blog and I'd like some help from you guys please. New Years Eve was the last straw. I spent it largely trying to convince my son-in-law that I'm not a victim in a relationship with a guy who is "getting to have his cake and eat it too" (hate that saying).

That was the proverbial straw, but the worst instance of the "poor mono" syndrome, came from the poly group that Z went to in Brisbane. They feel sorry for me too!!!

It struck me that we have very few positive role models. Like everyone else we have issues we need to deal with and so we can't always portray ourselves as upbeat, that isn't real. I posted a happy story when my metamour came to stay and people still felt sorry for me.

Mono you're an important positive on here and I don't think anyone would feel sorry for you, but you're life isn't particularly representative of the majority of monos.

I think monodom needs a positive thrust. I think it will help people come to terms with being a mono in a poly relationship, but it will also help polys in relationships with monos and secondaries.

But how?
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