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Yea...regardless of the reason why people do it...people who lie to supposedly avoid the 'whatever the result may be for being honest' should give themselves and/or the receiver of the information more credit instead of rationalizing being a liar. I respect honest, communicative people because they show me respect by allowing themselves to share honestly and provide me with the opportunity to come to my own, informed decision about a situation. I, personally, am an honest person and, yes, I have paid in various ways (some physically abrasive) for that honesty. Not many can handle honesty but I can't handle knowing I have intentionally held back requested information or left out details I know they are really inquiring about. That eats at me.

mumbles, honesty and open commuication (at whatever level that works for the parties involved) is very important in the creation and sustenance of these relationships so ... this situation is good 'food for thought' as you continue your journey.
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