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Originally Posted by mumbles View Post
Just caught her in a really poorly crafted/totally unnecessary lie about plans... it was just really low and uncalled for. Why can't people just be honest?
My husband does this to avoid conflict. If he thinks I will explode or be hurt (very likely), then he will hem and hah around a subject or just flat out lie about it to avoid my reaction. 19 years and I'm still telling him that my reaction will be 100 times worse when I find out that he lied to me than any reaction to the actual situation. Not only will I be more angry, I will also assume there is more that he is not telling me that is 10 times worse than anything he could think of and trying to convince me otherwise will be much harder than telling me the truth in the first place.

Talk to her about this. Why did she think it necessary to lie to you?
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