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Default Poly and sex

Disclaimer: I was very/am very hesitant to post this question, just because in the poly lifestyle I have read very little about it...

But, my wife and I are in a V-Poly relationship, my wife is the hinge between myself and her boyfriend. We all get along very well together as a group as well as he and I are good friends as well (both heterosexual). My wife and I have been poly for about 6 years total, the first year or two, didn't see it as poly.

My question is, probably geared more to the men out there, but there maybe some wives/girlfriends who SO may have the same feelings or thoughts. But, are there men who are turned on or aroused by the act of their wife having sex with their bf or enjoy hearing about it afterwards and such or if there has been times they may have had sex with each other while all 3 sleeping in the same bed and seeing them together a turn on?

Like I said, I have seen little written about this on this poly site, so my fear of posting it in the first place is I feel it might be a taboo subject when it comes to the poly lifestyle or is it something that is common but just not spoken about. Any input would be great.
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