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Originally Posted by Ythill View Post
Ahahahaha. BoringGuy, I liked your advice a lot. Just sayin.
SSrsly though. It's always better to get the other side(s) of the story. Only sometimes the other person reads the comments so far and feels "judged", and tthings turn into a clusterfuck.

The thing is, my Spouse and i both drive pickup trucks, so i'm looking at it from that angle instead of through the Lens of the Polyamorous Relationship: you wanna use my truck? don't fuck up my shit. that's just all there is to it.

having said that, if you want this to go down as though the OP is loaning her truck to YOU and thus by PROXY to the other lady, then YOU need to address the problem in the relationship which i believe has something to do with Other Lady stepping off when it comes to your private time with the OP.

So you see, your side of the story made a little bit of difference to the suggestion, but not a whole lot. the basic principle is still the same.

Have a day!
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