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Hm, interesting, we have talked about this before as well

Sward: I was the exception from the rule in his case, physically as well as character-wise. His girlfriends were small, thin, blond and to some extend even tiny. The one before me was 1,50m/4'7 even. Really small. Personality wise he seem to go for the cute and seemingly more passive ones, who can throw a tantrum now and then.

Lin: Well, I am the complete opposite of all of his former girlfriends in regard to my looks as well. He was the taller one, in most cases they were blond, again tiny, small, thin ... you get the picture ^.^ Most of them were a lot like drama queens, if you want to put it negatively. You could also say that they were just a bit bitchy and knew what they wanted even though that changed quite often unfortunately.

Honestly, I don't know why I was chosen in both cases. The whole physical appearance should have been enough to not let them look my way And their taste is so similar, it is scary. I noticed a tendency to look after curvy women, in regard to Lin lately. Don't know where this comes from.
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