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I appreciate the advice. I realize I'm not in the best of all places mentally but it is improving. I feel that there is a fair amount of for lack of a better term "side choosing" when there is knowledge of the other person's posts on here, I ask everyone to analyze each situation separately, instead of applying pre-conceived notions to each one, because polypenguin and I have both felt a little alienated by people's analysis of the other's posts. This website has been a venting place for both of us so we aren't typing about the good things we do for eachother, or the reasons we care so deeply for one another, maybe we should but we haven't as of yet. We have both made mistakes (we're youngin's) but we are learning from these mistakes all the time.

Also, i'd really like to clarify that although I am more or less seeing other people, it is not despite polypenguins feelings on it that I am. He has been explicitly clear that he wants me to continue seeing them. I have offered every chance I've gotten to stop seeing them in favor of mine and his relationship. I like these people but they understand that he comes first.
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