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Originally Posted by wallabytron View Post
I've read enough on here to know that I should be looking for poly folks but there's only a few of them and I'm not interested in any of them—I'm sure I can't be the only one.
Dating is an entirely different monster for men and women. This is an axiom of reality. This is true if you are a married poly person or a single "dude" with a six pack and a non-stop monster erection. It's a different ballgame entirely, no matter how you look at it.

Originally Posted by wallabytron View Post
Maybe I'm jumping the shark here, but I'm just not finding polyamory any fun when I feel more cuckolded than free to be an individual. Any thoughts?
Your lack of success in dating doesn't change you into a cuckold. A cuckold isn't allowed to date while his wife goes out scoring with "dudes". Conflating one thing with the other is just pouting.

Personally I am polyamorous because I won't be in a relationship where I'm not "allowed" to do what I want with my body, time, and emotions. It isn't about how many babes I score with or how successful I am in the dating game. Granted, my attempts to date are generally met with frustration but that is due to my lack of willingness to put the effort into changing my circumstances.

Meeting people we are attracted to who happen to have the rare worldview you have is difficult... there's no reason it shouldn't be.
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