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Originally Posted by mettwo View Post
Now he is again saying that he doesn't know when he'll be able to get away. Actually saying that his wife did "pretty well" with the kid alone but that it was "hard." That his family really needs him, etc.

My personal feelings are that he knows I need him too, and I don't think I'm asking for very much. Taking care of a dying parent at the age of 23 is probably much harder taking care of an infant that his wife wanted to have. I'm hurt that he bailed on me and then scheduled a fun trip away for himself instead of coming to see me when I needed him.

My mom is now with hospice and I am still her sole care taker. I really want him to come and see me for comfort, just for a short weekend. And he's saying again that he can't get away so soon. I am upset that he chose to get away to a concert but is unwilling to make the time to see me. He talks about how much work it is to prepare things at home for him to be away, but he did it for a concert and I feel like he should be able to do it for me too. Or if he knew he couldn't do something like that twice, he should have come to see me.

I really feel like I am not asking for very much.
A weekend with my boyfriend for comfort while I am grieving. He gets upset when I try to talk about it and blows me off.
Are you for real? Are you seriously saying that having a baby is easy compared to what you've got going on in your life? Granted, it's tough to be a caregiver for a parent, but you need to find support elsewhere. She needs her husband. I would never ask anyone to leave their wife to be with me when they've just had a baby. To expect that and feel like it's unfair for him to choose to be with his wife and child is rather selfish and immature on your part. You must have no understanding of the stress involved in taking care of a newborn and the changes it creates in a family and for a couple.

I'm also not quite clear on one thing. Is he cheating on his wife with you or is he totally out in the open about you with her?
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