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I'm sensing a thread keeps popping into my mind. I've noticed a this trend while browsing the forum, it shows up specifically with our polyboys who share their SO with other guys, they all seem to hate the image of SO and another guy being intimate. I hear the same complaint from my DH (we are still completely mono) when the topic of other guys come up. He has had to share me with countless other guys by way of my career. I am a stripper and I develop intimate relationships with repeat customers - minus the sex. He seems to handle it well. But the idea of sexual intercourse with another guy turns his bowels. I've seen this behavior multiple times with mono couples too, where it's not appropriate for the girl to discuss her old sexual conquests (e.i. ex-boyfriends) My best gf and I had a deep discussion about how random conversations of the many past partners she has had immediately culminates into an aggressive argument with her boyfriend. It's like he just can't handle the idea that she has had sex with someone besides him.

In defense of my earlier comment and to argue it further: I say unconditional love doesn't end when the romance does.
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I don't believe in unconditional love. I believe in unconditional concern for people, but not romantic love. That tie can be severed.
To say romantic love and unconditional love are not compatible is to say oil and water don't mix. One can always exist with out the other; and at times they can even be found to exist together, unbound.
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