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Default Shiny and new


I was directed here by a friend who just recently entered into an open relationship herself and I've slowly been looking over different threads for advice and guidance.

My fiance and I (I am a bisexual female and he is a straight male) opened up our relationship back in January at my behest. There is a libido disparity between the two of us (mine being higher) that instigated having the discussion.

We have a lot of friends in both poly and open relationships, so intellectually, we understood what it meant. Or at least we thought we did. It's become a different thing in action and there have been some missteps on both of our parts in communication and honesty.

Luckily though we have really started improving on those issues in the past few weeks, and I think that we're really getting better. But I felt that joining a forum like this would be very helpful for navigating the waters of non-monogamy.

I look forward to conversation and hopefully friendships in the future. A pleasure to (hopefully) be a part of your community!
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