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I didn't say i am making him chose, i know fully well and as i said i havnt told him to....its what i keep saying to him that i would never let him chose but when i try end it he keeps calling and wont let be me, hes fighting so hard for me it makes me start wondering if i should try.

I feel guilty letting myself fall in love with him...i think id be ok if i felt his gf was good for him but she is bratty and clingy and whenever i seem to do soemthing she tries to do one better.

financially i need him to move in, without going into it i have a medical condition and need some help so as my friend before he helped me.

please dont think i am being harsh to him..all im doing is compromising..i dont ring or text him because she does it 24/7 so i dont want to hound the boy. I make sure he has time alone whereas she doesnt...see my issues? x
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