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Originally Posted by River View Post
These questions are mainly for the hetero- folks in the forum.

. . . Would you be as likely to "date" a bisexual (or biamorous) person of the opposite sex as a hetero- person of the opposite sex?

Why? Why not?
Hmm, just found this thread and thought the question interesting. And being hetero, I qualify to answer!

I know I would be much less likely to date a bi guy than I would a straight guy. Not only do I rarely meet any bi guys, nor hang out in social situations that attract a large number of LGBT people where I possibly would meet more of them, but -- and I am about to make a stereotyping statement (but I'm not the only one to do that in this thread) -- I have a certain picture in my head of the kind of masculinity I find attractive and a bisexual guy does not fit that picture. So, in general, I'm not usually attracted to a guy who identifies as bi. I know that conditioning is hard to get past. I know it's a prejudice I've been taught, and I am totally willing to challenge it, but I am not going to run out and seek a bisexual man just to resolve my own issues. That would feel like I'm using him.

There is someone I did flirt with for a while who is openly bi, but I admit that I have not pursued anything with him partially because of his bisexuality (besides his already having several poly relationships, a busy schedule, and not a lot of time). Something about him... I just feel if he's not totally into women, then I wouldn't have his whole attention, or something, almost like he'd be too "easy" sexually to trust. That might have something to do with the stereotype of gay guys being very promiscuous... I'm not quite sure if I can express what my trepidation is about. Like I said, I know it's a stereotype that was put in my brain somewhere along the line.

I suppose if I met someone I was crazy about and we were very compatible on lots of levels, being bisexual wouldn't completely deter me from getting involved. It's just that, based on my experiences thus far, it would be much less likely for me to seize such an opportunity.

I find these statements rather intriguing:
Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I am more inclined to date bi-sexuals. I find them more open in general
Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
I find bisexual people to be more open-minded in general.
Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I definitely agree that bisexual people are more open minded.
I wonder if the general idea is that bisexual people are "more open-minded" in about all things in life or just sexually? Personally I've known many, many people who are extremely open-minded about everything, who just happen to be straight. But I used to hang out in some very New Age-y crowds, maybe that's why.
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