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Seems like there is already a word for the *disorder* of wanting "too much sex;" namely, sexual addiction (and the person who has the disorder is a sex addict). Addiction is a good word for that because it doesn't speak too directly to actual quantity per se. Instead, an addiction is anything that is out of control in your life, and that is messing your life up. Someone who has sex once a week could be a sex addict, just as easily as someone who has sex many times a day. It's not the amount; it's the effect it's having on that person's life.

I would think of "hypersexual" as a synonym for "sexual addiction" because "hyper-" means "too much" (just as "hypo-" means "too little"). I don't think you are judging your husband as being "overboard" in the sex area, you are just wanting to be respected yourself as someone who is (quite a bit) less sexually active than he is.

So just in case "hypersexual" ends up in the DSM-V or other DSM, we should have a word that doesn't mean "they want too much sex" (just that they want a *lot* of sex). I nominate "supersexual" (as the opposite of "asexual"). Who's with me?
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