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Default quad in life

OK so here is where we are at:

This is my first post to this board.

My wife (Rox) and i were into swinging. I guess more me than her. But she really seemed to enjoy it when she did connect. So we met this one couple through a swinging board, I will call Bob and Jenn. We met with them the first time and we got together very well. I had some concerns that she (jenn) was not enjoying it as much, although she has since told me that it was just more nerves.

That was almost 5 years ago. We then didn't see them for quite a while almost 8 months. We did then meet a few more times and it went very well, but we realized along the way we had a lot of the same values in life and were enjoying things very nicely. Bob and Rox started chatting on MSN a lot, and somewhere along the way, she fell in love with Bob and vice versa. Jenn initially had some issues with this and things were a bit unstable for a while. In the meantime Jenn and I also got together quite a bit.

A couple of years ago we were looking for a house and we decided we wanted to try living near our very good friends, so we moved within a km from them. Also Rox started working for Jenn and Bob.

Now we regularly have sleepovers where they come over and we sleep in separate rooms with each others spouse, (IE myself and Jenn). We spend a LOT of time together and sometimes we even all play together. I have learned that I am bi sexually from this, and have enjoyed some good times with Bob, and we have had numerous 3 ways in many of the times when one was missing for one reason or another.

However the biggest thing I have learned is that we Rox and i are polyamourous (and bi-amourous). Sometimes Rox still has feelings that she is not good enough and thats why i have a secondary. I will always tell her and I do that is simply no where near the truth. My second is totally a different relationship then with Rox and neither relationship takes away from the other but gives far more.

one of the latest developments is that if there is a conversation about myself with maybe another GF, all of a sudden Jenn can get quite Jealous not of her first but of me, in fact we have all had a good laugh when she gets that way. I know she is trying to deal with those feelings and she says she really didn't expect them and has realized just how much she loves me.

Of course I have had feelings for sometime that i would l like another GF, one that might eventually move in with us. This is something i have just started expressing, of course I am trying to respect the ladies feelings as I really do not want them to feel insecure or not good enough. Also i have not really found anyone, but i do know I don't just want a sex partner. I want a lover and more.

If anyone would like to put their comments i would love to hear from you. I am being told a quad like this is the hardest to maintain and it has had its ups a downs, but it has also been very good.

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