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Cool. Congrats on raising an open-minded kiddo! My daughter is 19 too.

I lmao'd last night. My daughter had a friend over (gay boy I adore) they were talking and she was basically "coming out" about the fact that she's started up something (I didn't butt in to get details) with the gay girl she's friends with. She's still very much involved with and dating the daddy of our new grandbaby (she flies down to him on the 24th to drive up with him, he's moving here).
GG asked her how he felt about the other girl and he doesn't care (thus far).

I hadn't really thought of it in terms of "embarking on poly" but.... since you pointed out your situation it dawned on me, that's precisely what it is.

The cool thing is, that she's also figured out she's bi-which has been BLATANTLY obvious to the rest of us for some time, but it's cool to see her figuring it all out on her own and doing so with a group of VERY supportive friends!

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