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Originally Posted by stargazer23 View Post
I mean, that's what you are, you don't want to commit to anybody right?"
And there is the crux of probably the hardest concept to overcome with non-monogamy. Until people can wrap there head around the idea of commitment without exclusivity, the battle for understanding will continue.

Why am I so sure of this? Because after over two and a half years of a loving relationship and being amongst the poly poly community, I still don't really understand it myself. Redpepper is more committed to me than anyone and yet I still cannot explain what the concept of commitment in an open poly relationship is. I see it with her and PN. They are like a life team, working together to achieve goals and face the challenges of living together and yet I struggle with the concept of poly marriages. I know there are already threads on this topic. But I felt this particular statement really points out a huge hurdle for poly acceptance.

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