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Default Hi!

I dug right in on the "New to Polyamory Forum" asking for advice

But just wanted to introduce myself here as well. I'm 30 years old, married, and bi. What's brought me here, though, is really more an interest in a specific person. I'm married to my husband of almost 6 years, and we have a daughter together and plans to have another child at some point in the nearish future (although I don't really want to get pregnant again, but that's another story...)

We have no experience with poly at all. But as I said, I am interested in another specific (!) guy, and theoretically I am open to relationships with women (which would probably be mutual with DH, who is straight).

I can definitely imagine myself in some kind of triad raising kids with DH and another woman...but for now, I'm here because of a man that I met very recently, and who is very long distance from us.

So...that's us, in a nutshell. Right now I'm just trying to wrap my head around all of this, soaking it up like a sponge --and trying to figure out how to talk with DH about what I'm thinking.
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