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I think its time to change my name on this forum. With all of the advice and incite that I have received from all of you wonderful people, I have grown and learned. As such I am no longer dazed or lost. I have a direction and a purpose.
I am now focused on finding a happy ground with K and H. K has been very attentive for the last few weeks. I also have been keeping most of my thoughts to myself, she says she is tired of going thru the same thing with me, over and over again. I told her tuff! I will bring up my concerns and feelings anytime I feel like Im be pushed out or neglected.
After I talked to my friend "J" yesterday, I spent alot of time deep in my thoughts(sometimes its scary). I have decided that this weekend when K is off of work we will sit down(or I will tie her to the bed, just kiddin) and talk about her true feelings for H, good or bad. I know that there is more to her relationship than she is telling me. Perhaps she is doing this to "protect" me. I would much rather have the truth, no matter how much it might hurt. At least knowing the truth, I wouldnt wonder where I stand with K.
I think I will change my screen name to poly?quad. I dont think I'm poly, never know though, staying open minded here. I love to ride and race my quad. Nothing like the camaraderie and competition when racing thru the desert at break neck speeds.
So if anybody reads this, let me know what you think of the new handle. Also open to any suggestions. Thanks for reading and posting.
I would rather be hurt by your honest than pleasured by you lies!
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