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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
If I may ask, do you mean things like zoos, or are you also against people caring for cats, dogs, etc? Or are you fine with people having pets provided they're not caged?

For instance, I currently have 3 cats. However they come and go as they please as we have several pet doors. One of them doesn't really go out ever, another one I can spend several weeks without seeing. I don't consider them trapped or caged, but I do know that some people oppose the idea of pets to begin with, and I'm curious whether it is what you mean.

At least I am assuming you're talking about non-humans right now. Usually, using quotation marks around the word "pet" in a BDSM thread means human submissives, but it seems that's not what you mean, or am I misunderstanding you?
I think the relationship you have with your cats is the most wonderful relationship I have yet to hear anyone practice with the concept of "pets" in relation to Humans.~ I think every single Human and non-relationship should be exactly what you have with your pets.~

Yes, I dislike Zoos.~

If I were to ever form a bond of friendship with another creature who is not Human, I would treasure that friendship.~ I treat all creatures as equals to myself and so I always try to think from their perspective Human or not.~

I've always dreamed of one day having a flying squirrel fly into my boat-house and we form a friendship.~ The flying squirrel would come and go as it pleases, I am not and would not be its' or anyone's "master" so I have no right to command them, and I would never profess "ownership" of such a wonderful creature as that would infer that I am somehow its' "master" and I am no one's master.~

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