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Default Caterpillar/Butterfly

Yowsa! So much has happened in August – hard to know where to start.

Dramatis Personae:

Old Characters:

Me, MrS and Dude – you already know (check sig for particulars)
MrClean – you might remember from such posts as "The MrClean Incident"and "A Night Out" (an update to those posts – he and his wife are in the process of divorcing – due to issues unrelated to those posts)
The Hippie-Freaks – (previously unnamed) basically the group of Dude's hometown friends that I met when we were "Coming Out...a little more."
Jane2 – Dude's second OKC date, starring in "Second Date - different chick" and "De-briefing".

New Characters: (coming up with four new aliases that I will remember is HARD...)

Gotsy – woman I met and messaged with on OKC
Abby – ah, you will have to read on....! >grin<
TBC – Abby's husband
Kola – Abby and TBC's girlfriend

The Background:

Dude has put himself in self-imposed quarantine for the month while he is undergoing a medical treatment (nothing serious, no worries – he just doesn't want to expose himself to infection...and he is coming home on Monday!). MrS has a few concerts/music events that he is planning on attending. I have been looking for other poly-bi-married women on OKC to talk to.

The Story: “How an introverted caterpillar gets cast in the role of social butterfly.”

Gotsy messages me on OKC – she is another poly-bi-married woman and happens to be fairly local. We chat. She is in a 6-7 person poly chain. She has a husband and a boyfriend. Her boyfriend has a wife, the wife has a boyfriend, etc. Her husband is dating but not in another relationship right now. There is a Meet-Up coming up soon...she invites me/us to attend with her/some of them. I was hoping that all three of us could go to a Meet-Up together, but...what the hell...I talk to the boys and RSVP for MrS and I to go. (For the record, this Meet-Up is not “poly-only” - a broader range of polys/swingers/kinksters attend).

The Meet-Up:

So MrS and I show up, Gotsy isn't there yet, we get food and drinks and MrS chats with some folks while I keep trying to re-swallow my pounding heart because there are SO MANY people I don't know. (Apparently this was a larger than usual turnout.) And, I am really worried that I won't recognize Gotsy (her OKC pics all look so different). The food was good – but I could barely eat, hadn't slept much in the last 24 hours, and was drinking way too fast. MrS kept feeding me oysters (isn't that supposed to be an aphrodisiac?)...

Gotsy arrives at the event. I DO recognize her (...and she recognizes me from a description of us I gave her – I don't have ID-able photos on OKC). We hug, we chat a bit, she introduces us to about 6-ba-jillion people that I won't remember. She excuses herself to go talk to some other folks for a bit. I take a deep breath....(whew). We socialize, MrS is his usual supportive loving self – initiating conversations, fetching drinks and food, drawing me into conversations. I drink a few more beers. I have to pee.

So, I am on my way back from the ladies room...and there is this woman sitting at the bar. (MrS is on the deck.) She looks at me. There are a few people between us. She is commenting to a guy that she is obviously there with. I lose sight of her. Some guy we talked to earlier says something to me. I might have said something back. People move. She is still looking at me. >something clicks< I find myself flowing into the space between her and her guy. “Hi.” I say. And then...

(story to be continued)
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