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Originally Posted by TexasBorn21 View Post
I have been in the unique relationship for almost 5 months now..And it is very important to me that I am friends with his wife, because She is an important part of his life also. I also am new to this, and I really want it to work for all of us..The other night we all went out to dinner, a more relaxed atmosphere helped all of us realize what the common ground was, His wife and I email and talk on the phone once in a while. I think He is getting more used to having a wife and a girlfriend and the friendship we have begun to forge with each other.
TexasBorn21, I am very glad that it is working for you - sounds like there are some healthy lines of communication there - doesn't make the problems go away but it definitely makes them easier to resolve when they come up. I have certainly found that in my own experiences.

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