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Re (from LittleMissMuffit, Post #4):
"I can partly understand how it would feel for him, but it also frustrates me that I have this rule set out for me that I had no part in making."
Yes, you should have had some say-so in the making (or non-making) of this rule. Of course, the rule is made, so now you have to deal with it. Will you ask him to change the rule (and I see no reason why you shouldn't ask), or will you insist he change the rule (and then it becomes a dealbreaker)? You have to figure out what your limits are here.

What kind of compromises are available here? If the new person's always the one making the drive out to see you, then your partner doesn't have to see you and him together. Would that make any difference to your partner?

I personally feel you should have some rights to get to know this new person. Maybe if your partner can "stand" a friendship, he can stand something more later on. Maybe?

I hope you get some kind of agreeable resolution.
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