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I have been out of touch for awhile...

Kid has had his 1st 2 Chemo treatments... he is still a royal PIA in regards to anything resembling following the rules.

R has to me almost given up... she is taking to drinking heavier and heavier.. bottle of wine a night etc...

I am holding everything inside.. feeling like I am going to explode. She sits there, ignoring the fact that things need to be done... I can not do everything, nor would I, if I could. She will leave the dishes sit until there is nothing else to eat on, or cook with, then throw a tantrum because it is such a mess to clean up..... I do almost ALL of the cooking, she will not even pick up the house. I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo frustrated.. Think my blood pressue is going up and up and up.... sigh....
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