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Thanks again Kev for sharing. Was this story/ facts out on the forum. I don’t recall any of this. I thought you wife having Alzheimer’s was sort of the driving force behind you being poly.

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Re (from dingedheart):

No, they weren't.


Snowbunny (the wife) and I fell in love, at the time we did not know about poly, Snowbunny did some web research and discovered poly, then she sat down with her husband and asked him if he would be willing to try it. Mind you, he did not say yes right away. They had many talks over the course of about a year. Eventually he said okay.
So this started from an emotional affair or was cheating / sex going on ??

I don't think they did any disentangling per se. They did make room in their schedules for me, both me with just Snowbunny and me with both of them (platonic activities). He and I (I refer to him here as Brother-Husband) also have platonic activities together, mostly watching stuff on TV.
I think that counts. Would you say they’re pretty independent and didn’t need such disentangling? Do you and snowbunny go on vacations or extended trips , etc ? In Your blog it always sounds like the 3 of you.


I actually lived with them (part-time) before Snowbunny and I developed feelings for each other.

How did that happen and did that continue after the announcement of the 2 of you falling in love ?

If I remember right, they did a road trip and ate out together, at a new place (new for us) called Farm to Table. Brother-Husband gave the restaurant rave reviews, and said he wants me to try it in the future.

I think they would have taken a plane out of state and spent at least a couple of days at a hotel or whatnot ... were it not for the Covid crisis. They might do something more extravagant for their anniversary next year.
And your anniversary with Snowbunny ? Same Same?

To be honest Snowbunny "wears the pants" in this house, and it's primarily her idea to keep the anniversaries going. I will say she makes the right call, as Brother-Husband is a holiday-and-special-occasion type of guy, and he would be sorely disappointed if their anniversaries went away. Heck and as for me, maybe my okayness is my way of saying, "Here's one thing I won't take away."

Kevin T.
Do you remember what happened the first yr you were part of the clan ?? Was he excited and psyched up for it then ? It sound like it could have been pretty fragile the first couple of yrs and even her wearing the pants and pushing something like this if he’s turned the other way in which he doesn’t care about such things any more it really ceases to have the desired effect it could easily be dropped.

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