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Originally Posted by sanignacio08 View Post
with an ingrained indoctrination that anything other than str8heterosexual is an abomination in the eyes of "God".The gay/lesbian population here lives for the most part still closeted! Just a couple of years ago a cruise ship docked here carrying lesbians only.The women were greeted at the dock by some police officers informing them that they may not hold hands,kiss,or make any other outward expressions of a sexual nature towards each other in public.
Thanks for sharing this. As much as it sucks, and as much as I wish you the best in your search, I think it's a good reminder once in a while to hear how things are in the wider world. I find there's a utopian mentality of the 'enlightened' at home... from those who have the luxury of living in places where even as paupers there is a comfortable living, a wealthy social security net, and the freedom to do as they please, including bashing the establishment that feeds them and protects that very freedom.

So much of the world is not so lucky...where the basic freedoms or free thinking ways we might take for granted simply don't exist. Where things like women wearing shorts and sandals is somehow indecent and scandelous...never mind gay rights,...or rights at all.

At least the weather's pretty nice I guess...
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