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Hi sailingfamily...Belize is a post Colonial country with a population of approx. 300-350thou. with an ingrained indoctrination that anything other than str8heterosexual is an abomination in the eyes of "God".The gay/lesbian population here lives for the most part still closeted! Just a couple of years ago a cruise ship docked here carrying lesbians only.The women were greeted at the dock by some police officers informing them that they may not hold hands,kiss,or make any other outward expressions of a sexual nature towards each other in public. No,unlike most of the Caribbean,the people don't resort to calling you names,or threaten bodily harm,but you run the risk of being shunned unless you've been able to develop a very close friendship circle prior to coming out,even then you may lose a friend here or there.
Now,can you imagine what their thoughts would be if you were to be open re: being polyamorous? Though it is quite the norm here for a man to have a wife and many other mistresses....patriarchical and chauvanistic mores abound!

Inspite of all that,we don't have any plans of giving up on our desires to find that special one/ones to join us.Our lives are our's to live.....
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