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Default question for the men from a married man

Hello guys. My main question/problem here is how to meet women genuinely intersted in poly? I find that my wife can find men no problem, as most of you can probably confirm in regards to your own partners, but for me it is an exercise in frustration. Conventional dating sites are no help as being 51 and married puts me (in my observation) at a big disadvantage. An online friend who is divorced and poly told me that she will not talk with any married man on a dating site as she assumes that they are looking for a mistress or on the verge of divorce and lining up the next wife. I can't help but wonder if most women think the same way especially since I have run across women who would talk with me once in a while, but wanted to know if I was getting divorced or said they do not talk with married men, period. I tried ourtime, thinking that 40 and 50 some women might be different, but true to form, profile after profile had "looking for the one/soulmate" in it. I did talk with a couple of women who were married, but it soom became obvious that they were looking to "upgrade" husbands, meaning they were not happy in their marriage and were looking for a man to "rescue" them, in otherwords to give them a reason to file for divorce then remarry. It has been my observation that single women are for the most part too obcessed with finding a husband to consider poly and married women are not allowed to have male friends or as I said looking for a "better" husband. Any advice and experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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