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Originally Posted by WaywardDruid View Post
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="3"][COLOR="Green"] From what I've read you are the middle Female in a V with S at one end and L at the other. That's great but what I also read was L really didn't know that S was sharing sexual relationships with you? or maybe she did know that but she didn't know that you two were out and sharing - hand holding , kissing , whatever with public displays of these.

L knew that S and I were being intimate sexually; she did not know that we were holding hands and whatnot at school. We were being discreet, we thought, but obviously not discrete enough. She had told both of us that she wasn't comfortable with us being out at school, and I should have been much more "aggressive" about how that boundary was respected than I had been, so I can totally see why she's upset and where she's coming from.

The three of us do talk, a lot. I will say though that speaking about emotions and relationship issues and stuff is NOT easy for me and never has been, so this whole thing is super challenging for me. Fortunately both L and S are understanding and also both very in touch with their emotions and needs.

I agree that all three of us need to sit down and discuss boundaries and needs in this relationship -- we haven't done that yet, and I haven't pushed it. Though I feel like I should have been the one to arrange that conversation since i'm the one who is the center of the vee. One thing that we have all spoken about is everyone's comfort level -- the three of us work really really well together, and i think as a functional unit we're pretty great, but you're right. We need to talk and talk and talk and talk, and we don't always do that.

Thanks for the advice!
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