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Arrow Talk

You guys really need to just sit down and talk. (Communication - Communication - Communication) From what I've read you are the middle Female in a V with S at one end and L at the other. That's great but what I also read was L really didn't know that S was sharing sexual relationships with you? or maybe she did know that but she didn't know that you two were out and sharing - hand holding , kissing , whatever with public displays of these.

You all have to sit down and communicate your needs, your boundaries, what you are welling to do about scheduling time for each other. There's a good chapter in The Polyamory Handbook that deals with Resolving Issues, both past and present. Also a good look of how to put together a Polyamorous Relationship Agreement between everyone involved. Talk Talk Talk I know it's easy to know that you have to do it but hard to actually get down to it. Be honest and be yourself if you want to be happy in any relationship. I hope you 3 can come to an agreement that will meet everyones need's and wants and desires.

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