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Originally Posted by OnceAndFuture View Post
Off topic but I've always hated the argument that "polyamory" is somehow a messed-up word because it's from both Latin and Greek roots. Big is the word "television," and that's kind of stuck.

Back on subject, I don't know of a word that described my last poly relationship: two halves of a couple both in a relationship with one other person, but that person's partner not involved in the relationship. It isn't quite a quad, and "triad-and-one" doesn't seem to cut it.
Well, that's basically a joke riffing off of people who argue that poly is 'RONG!' because of reasons.

I suggest 'polycule' as a description for the situation in the last paragraph. While some folks love making diagrams for their relationships (there was a thread about diagramming somewhere), it makes my head hurt. So I just use polycule when the relationships are not a triad or a V and is complex in some way.
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