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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I saw Leo and his wife today for the first time in over a year . . . I am reminded of how I was invited out of their lives and asked to fuck off, essentially, and I was wishing I could be very small and run away so that I could indulge them in that request.
Aww, shit. You have no reason to make yourself small for anyone else, RP. You did nothing wrong, unless caring about, loving, and enjoying the company of a person is wrong. If you ever run into them again, I hope you can hold your head up high and meet their gazes with confidence about who you are. Let them be the ones to shrink and run away. Bah!

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Monogamy seems easier. Who needs all this relationship/communication bullshit any way. Viva monogamy.
Having spent most of my life as a monogamist, I can tell you that the only difference I see between monogamy and polyamory is how to manage your time. A monogamous relationships requires the same effort and amount of communication as a poly situation does, and although the challenges are different (of course) monogamy is just as challenging - just think of all the self-help books on relationships there are out there. Most of them are written for monogamous couples - do you think if monogamy was easy, those authors would be as rich as they are or that the relationships section at Barnes & Noble would be as big as it is? Hahaha.
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