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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
That said, maybe people argue so vehemently for a global standard so that is can be recognized outside people who aren't poly. If the definition is vague and misunderstood, explaining it to people outside the community, and thereby getting public acceptance, would be almost impossible. That is the only reason I can see to lock the definition down into a nice tidy box.
I quite love the use of the word global within this thread.

Global. All-inclusive. Universal.

Having a global definition of polyamory would be lovely because it would by nature involve all polyamorists and inclusive of all polyamorous perspectives. If such a definition is used when attaining legal rights for polyamorous people is would be a huge positive and bring poly people from all walks of life together in support.

Originally Posted by dakid View Post
i could not agree more. of course we have a variety of ways of being polyamorous - i celebrate our diversity i would not want it any other way!

what is painful and diversive at times is when we appear to be telling each other that our way is the only way, that another person's way of being poly is not poly. what i hope is meant in those moments is "that isn't how i practise poly" but sadly what often gets said is "that is not poly".

Indeed dakid. Having a global definition would definitely not be stating "that is not poly" as is often said here because it would embrace all versions and perspectives of polyamory.

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