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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
That said, maybe people argue so vehemently for a global standard so that is can be recognized outside people who aren't poly. If the definition is vague and misunderstood, explaining it to people outside the community, and thereby getting public acceptance, would be almost impossible.

Also because language is useless if everyone gets to make up their own definition. Communication and understanding become impossible when people get to decide that various words mean various things for them and it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks it means.

If I went to a restaurant and ordered Lasagna and they brought me chicken, I'd be confused and somewhat upset. If I then asked where my lasagna was and they said "this is what we call lasagna" ... that would confuse me even more. We wouldn't be able to communicate.

There is already so much confusion about alternate sexualities and alternate lifestyles that I don't understand why anyone would want to add to that confusion.

Edited to say: Yes there are many different ways of being poly and I'm not disputing that. One can accept a broad definition of poly with regard to structure and partners without going so far as to say that poly = every variety of non-monogamy out there.
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