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Originally Posted by eklctc View Post
Welcome, mj. I think this forum will give you a lot of what you seek- clarity, feedback, and an outlet. Hopefully, that will all get you to decisions that will have to be made as your journey progresses. *hugs*
Thank you for the welcome! *hugs* back at ya!

Originally Posted by Narapela View Post
Welcome to the forum, mj. I hope you remain actively involved in learning all you can from this forum.
It is not always an easy journey, but like the best rides it remains memorable and has the potential of empowering oneself through honest self-confrontation and liberating self-expansion.
Be gentle with yourself and respect what you feel.
I hope to stay actively involved although I don't always have the time to check in on a daily basis.

I know all about it not being an easy journey... But I've been feeling isolated lately, with no one to talk to or listen to about my feelings on the whole thing, so I'm hoping to find that here. I'll always try to be honest and say what I really feel instead of what is supposed to be the "correct" answer.
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