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After all, something to update again

Life is getting really quiet and unspectacular, what is great in and of itself. Despite the fact that Sward, Lin and I are at home most of the time, sticking together like glue and doing almost everything together, there is astonishingly not much stress.

The study is nearly done, Lin and Sward are putting together the bookshelves for my stuff from university right now and the room looks just great. Really comfy and warm with all the coffee-brown and beige-colored shades on the walls and furniture. The friend who listened to Sward when I visited Lin for the second time came over for coffee to inaugurate the study officially and to tell us about the latest trouble with her boyfriend. Sward and Lin are joking quite frequently about her and I being on the same page in so many things and if she would be a possible match for me in the future. Well, we really get along well, but there is an adamant reason why this will never happen; I can't stand her smell. I love her humor and way with things, attitude towards life and what not, but the first time I 'smelled' her, it was over. This is such a strange phenomena, because Sward and Lin assured me many times that they smell nothing when she is there. She doesn't sweat immensely or isn't into personal hygiene, but if I consult my nose, she stinks. It's the same with my sister, I was never able to stand her body odour, especially when she is ill. Another arbitrary trait of mine

I told another friend from university about us three when we met at the station and rode home together. It was a great talk, she told me that she is finally pregnant after trying for six years. She and her husband both had a condition that made it necessary to go into hormone therapy for artificial insemination. It worked instantly and really successfully, she is expecting twins She knew about Lin living with us, but wasn't thinking anything about it. When I told her, she was astonished but happy for us that it worked out. I told her a made up story about a v-relationship of a friend to do a cautious check-in what her opinion on the matter was some months ago. There was an instant light-bulb moment when she heard the news.

Semester is coming to its end and I made a plan for my finals in summer. So much to do before I can get things started on that end. I need to get working finally. I am far too lazy because most exams and surveys are just done without much effort put into them on my part. Don't know why, I can remember most things instantly when I heard it once and had a stimulating discussion on the topic right away. Some revising right before the exams and I am good to go. Putting my thoughts into words was never a hard thing to do as well. I don't think I can continue like that when I do my final tests Kicking my own ass is next up on my agenda as it seems. Really hoping that I will be successful …

Sward and I had an interesting conversation on the latest antecedents of the last weeks. We have always been a really harmonious couple. Hardly any quarreling ever, any surfacing discord was smoothed right away. This changed a bit and Lin was the first one to notice the changed dynamic between us. He has witnessed our way with each other for years and was a bit worried by the regular arising discussions. As there are just the normal teasing and bitching-bits between him and I going on (never seriously, that's our friendly way of ragging each other), he noticed that Sward and I were having some problems.

Some of those problems between Sward and me stem from his taciturnity. He doesn't speak up when things disturbing him seem to minor to have to be noticed and addressed from his point of view. Lin does handle those trifles in the same manner, but in his case they are really settle then. Sward mostly dwells on them without noticing it and they resurface with the next bit that annoys him. And after eleven years together there are quite a few things that can get on his nerves in regard to me and the same vice versa. This combined with the new poly situation leads to us snarling at each other from time to time. It's still not about something too serious, but he was pondering over the reason for it.

“I am happy.” he told me yesterday evening.”Why do we quarrel so much more than before? I don't understand it.” -”We are still adjusting to the new situation, sharing after eleven years of exclusivity is still no piece of cake, you are triggered more than usual by my quirks as a result.” - “You may be right, we achieved so much already in such a short time. Even if this is a little downside of things, we shouldn't be discouraged by the developments.” - “And it's good that you are starting to talk about your inner workings a bit more than before.” He mumbled that he knows that he needs to work on that. I answered with a little smirk: “Indeed, and imagine what your feelings would be like if I wouldn't be able to push some buttons from time to time, I would be all the same to you all of a sudden. I think that it's all good, that we still are able to be passionate about each other, even if we sometimes express it by giving each other a piece of our mind.”

As always, all is well. Lin and I are still getting used to each other on a new level. We are really compatible as it seems, this will be a long-lasting bond. Lin is looking out for Sward and me naturally and Sward is siding with Lin when I am in one of my moods and am over the top with my side remarks. Sward and I are connecting on different levels than before and all of us are curious what the future will bring.
Facts: 30, female, bi, v-type relationship with Sward (husband, straight, mono) and Lin (boyfriend, straight, mono), poly-fi and co-primary.

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