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When you know about a topic, its easy to stigmatize those who don't as lazy, willfully ignorant, or otherwise inferior, and forget about your own areas of ignorance.

It's fair to be exasperated when people don't have the knowledge you do and make mistakes because of it, but it's simple arrogance to look down on them and assume that they've had all the same opportunities to gain that knowledge that you have, especially when we're dealing with a topic that the public at large knows basically nothing about. It's only when people have been faced with their mistakes and choose to turn away from the possibility of learning more that I think it's worth throwing up your hands about them. AND EVEN THEN people can come around... learning is hard. I said it above and I'll say it again because when we've gotten to the point of shaming folks for trying something new and getting burned I think it bears repeating:

We all make mistakes.
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