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Default Serious Rant, be forewarned

Tripe. Nope, I don't agree with him at all.
Poly gets a bad rap because so many people don't do their homework. Instead, they stumble onto this poly word and see a PC label they can flash while really just looking for some new strange to do the horizontal mamba with. Inherent in this phenomena is a huge sense of entitlement and lazy, self centered thought processes.
Poly gets a bad name because these are the same people who will trumpet all their business to whomever is within ear shot. "Look at me, I am so great that all these people want me"! ---Of course when their house built of bullshit melts under the the rain of reality, they are also the first to cry "Poly doesn't work!".
Sure, currently most of the 'peeps' with this problem may seem to be in their 20s but I know it is just that the older self absorbed type has learned not to air everything in public.
Okay, since I am ranting and likely not being very articulate I will sum it up.
Poly gets a bad name because:
1)people don't do their homework and learn what poly really means
2) usually these people are 'doing' poly for the wrong reasons (my judgement)
3)the ones that do 1 & 2 are the ones most likely to scream their angst to the world when it all explodes.
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