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My advise to you is don’t let hypocritical people behind a wall who could be putting out, or even wanting to morthen you do sexually but telling you to deny enjoying sex which is the best thing in life that is free. Even if you are secretly have sexual cravings but denying it and will only find out later on. You never said you are a drug addict. You are not taking drugs or hurting children or any adult intentionally.

Keep on wanting as much sex as you can because if you were not having the desire to have sex something would be wrong with you. Its better to have the desire and want sex than not to have it lol. Unless you prefer to suppress the desire and become stressed and depressed! Just do it safely and discreetly. However avoid those men who keep wanting to match you up or pair you up with those other men who sound more like morons lol.Dont put out for men who choose other men for you.

Find yourself a capable man (men-stud) to feed you sexcitingly because what you need and want it not quantity sex its quality. Just make sure if you are going to open your legs for a man he is endowed and capable so you wont end up regretting it. A combination of emotional-sensual stimulation plus physical and oral sex on the menu is what you should be looking forward to and be digesting. So what you need is clean good sexciting sweetness, not quantity, quality is whets needed always. Sot the problem is not because you are or will be putting out, its for and with who because if or when you do it must be sexcitingly sweet lol.

Have sex as much as you can and want. Just make sure you put out discreetly and safely with a well endowed man (or men) discreetly who have a big cock (or cocks) and kinky minds so they-hey will sex you psychologically-emotionally physically and orally right in order to stimulate your mind body and soul. There is nothing to be ashamed of wanting sex even if you are married legally. With respect to your legal marriage. The only different from a real poly relationship than to your legally married one is because of the papers and conventional vows and etc. Stay in touch privately so I can communicate with you privately if needed!!

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