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Thank you all for your comments. They pull in different directions, which is as it should be.

(It's good, old-fashioned dialectic: achieving some clarity by a divergence of views.)

Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
On the other hand... how old are they? Have they never been to sleep-away camp? Would it really be such a big deal for them to be away from you both for a couple of days, or would it simply be part of the inevitable march towards greater independence that all children are on?
My daughters are 13 and 10, and the 10-year-old has been increasingly freaked out by Vix's long absences. They are becoming more independent, and I have been expanding the extent to which I am willing to leave them on their own for periods of time.

Even so, I tend to agree with this response:

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Sleep-away camps are one thing. Being away from your parents for a week is the point of the camp and all the kids are in the same boat. Also, they typically aren't on the other side of the ocean.
Vix and I would have had an agreement between us before sending either of the girls to a sleep-away camp, and I, at least, would want to be sure I was on the same continent at the time, and reachable by phone in an emergency.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
At any age, going back to school is a big deal. For a lot of kids, it's full of anxiety: new teacher, new classmates, sometimes an entirely new school. If they have a terrible first day, they'll want at least one parent to support them through it. If they have a great day, they'll want to share that too.


That was my first thought, too. It's only March, you can let the school know even right now what the situation is, and get copies of their first week of school work before you leave for the UK.
Part of the issue is that my older daughter starts high school next year, and she has a boundary of her own: she will not miss the first week of high school. She is nervous and anxious and excited about the transition, and wants to immerse herself in it from the beginning.

I get that, and neither Vix nor I particularly wants to cross that particular boundary. It's bad enough that we'll be in the UK during orientation!

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