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Mono booked his flight home to visit his parents yesterday. I had to remind him that I am not as happy as he is and that I love that he is excited and thinking about it, but asked that he go easy on showing it... kind of like he started a new relationship!

I will miss him... I hate people I love being away from me, even for a week... in the middle of that week I have a women's retreat to go to that me and a friend organized. I'm looking forward to it... it will mark the last event I host for our community. (not necessarily for ever, but maybe).

I'm just not feeling it lately. I have reached out and have found my loves and made some big advances in my life, and learned some amazing things about some amazing people. But I think I am fading out. I have made some great friends out of this journey and continue to make plans to see them regularly. It's so wonderful what comes out of things in the most unusual places.

Soooo, what next. I'm not sure, but I feel a new path coming and a door closing on a chapter.

I have a date with Leo tomorrow night. I feel very ready for it. He will be asking me some hard questions I'm sure and I am ready to tell him my thoughts and answers in a truthful and respectful way... another door closing perhaps? I don't know.

It feels like spring today... some spring cleaning seems like a good idea. Who knows what is under those cob webs in my head. I'm open to it all.

I call back into myself
anything that I have inadvertently
or willingly given away,
Anything that I have had taken from me
at any time and in any place.
I call back into myself now,
that I might be whole,
fully restored,
fully harmonised,
fully empowered.
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