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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
If this was so,,, then how many men look at me this way and pass me for friendship and more because I am not willing to have sex with them.
Mmm - Their loss !
Sad, but that's reality in some cases...

A deep non-sexual friendship is a beautiful, beautiful thing...something that can stay with you for life and add so much to your life.

I have one incredibly special long term non sexual relationship with someone...he is at my side instantly if I ever need help. We share so much love - If we are in the same room we will be sitting together, often holding hands or resting on each other..there's certainly physicality..

If men pass you for friendship simply because there's no chance of sex happening at some point...well - I'm not sure they have enough value to be friends with anyway...
There's plenty of men capable of loving a woman and offering deep friendship and connection without sex entering the equation. Isn't there ?
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