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How to think without grasping?

People will say, "I grasp that concept". I "get" what you mean.

How to let the heart (my heart) speak?

A question makes a better guide.

When I hold a question my hands are turned upright, open.

When I hold my breath, both heart and mind shrink.

To hold my heart open is to ask a question is to hold a question lightly is to allow the fullness of breath.

That's the same thing as letting the sunlight in.

Long ago, my heart shrank for fear.

Now the sun can seem too bright! My hands clutch, but I catch them at it. I'm learning to love them when they're like this. They need my love. So does my breathing.

I don't want to "get" love. I'm not grasping after it. I'm intensely curious. I want to know what it is like to breathe without any hesitation.
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