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Originally Posted by kittyb View Post
Imagine if, after 15-odd years of perfectly normal and enjoyable sex, suddenly, your chemistry went haywire and at orgasm you felt nothing. No speeding pulse, no rush of endorphins, barely any discernable pleasure. It's a really sad thing to lose.
I don't mean to pry, but I'd never heard of this until today. So he has normal arousal, erection, and the typical sensations leading up to orgasm? i.e. sex feels good, but with a disappointing ending?

Every once in a while, I've had it happen that I just couldn't "get there," in which cases I just stopped, shrugged, and moved on to the afterglow phase. I can't say what it's like to have that happen every single time, but for the times it did, the sex part was still worthwhile even without the climax. I mean, I'm still getting naked and sweaty with my girl.

I'm no psychologist, but it seems like there ought to be a middle ground to be had somewhere.

Good for you, for keeping your eye on the total picture rather than getting hung up on the negatives. I'm not perfect either...

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