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Default i'm so very this normal?


After having the talk with DH, and then chatting with M online last night, I really feel like...this is so much better than I ever imagined. The thing I was not expecting was how talking with M and having that would make me more giving and loving with DH. I am better able to engage him about things I maybe otherwise wouldn't, because I'd be resentful I wasn't getting x, y, z from him...

I guess it's "NRE" (is that right? ), but I feel so energized by talking with M that I have more to give to DH, and even to our daughter. I just feel like talking to M is filling up my cup, so that I have more for others, you know?

Mostly I'm just taking it day by day (which I'm learning is probably always good relationship practice, poly or mono or whatever), but yesterday was a good day, great even Chatted very deeply with M about how much we appreciate each other, and why...and then cuddled, chatted with DH, and had sex.
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