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When one recognizes this they THEN encounter ANOTHER issue:
Not only do they have the problem of "How DO I relay this concept?"

But they also have the issue of figuring out
"Is there a way to relay the information PRODUCTIVELY if communication isn't possible because the other party isn't grasping the meaning in whatever method they are using to relay it...."
First, step back. See what you need to say, then examine if there are more fundamental and less specific things that need to be clarified first. Often times the specific things are really less relevant than the underlying things.

If the other party isn't grasping what you are trying to say then there is a difference of perspective towards the situation that's fundamentally changing the meaning of the words involved. I've found it helpful to first try to understand the perspective of the person before I try to say what I need to say to them. Or I will imagine other perspectives in which what I say can be taken differently and see if there are ways to adjust it then.

Other times you just need to say what you need to say and just let it steep and digest and give them the time to work it out.

And if you're speaking about trying to be productive in your communication, make sure that all parties involved are trying to produce the same thing. What might be productive to you might not feel the same way to other parties.

(I'm also going to note that it's slightly off-putting to see that you post something in a general discussion forum yet ask for a preferred list of respondents among your circle of friends. However, I'm going to assume that wasn't your intent. I thought I'd just offer my perspective on that.)
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