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That is very interesting Phy. I think in some cases, that not knowing might be beneficial. Maybe in cases where there was a lot of insecurity, this helped people.

In a way, it almost seems like a DADT policy, with children involved.

I wonder though, about the 'reality' aspect. Odds are, children will inherit physical features of their parents, and then there is always that 'sneaking suspicion'. I wonder if that would create problems, with an 'elephant in the room' type of scenario ?

My husband is the biological father of 2 out of my 4. He has been in the lives of the older 2 since they were very young. There is no difference in his love for biological vs. 'step'-children. There are plenty of step and co-parents who love the child equally.

Interesting thoughts for you guys to ponder, that is for sure.
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