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Another week gone by, I decided that I could update again

Never seen it that way rory, but 'low-maintenance' makes sense somehow, at least from my point of view. I liked the term, but Sward and Lin just looked at me with utter surprise. “How did she get THAT idea?!” was their first comment. I think they regard my quirks, wishes, spleens and idiosyncrasies as highly demanding and difficult to please. When I explained under which topic the term came up, I got: “Yeah, right. As long as one of us brings you coffee every hour and prepares some food and regulates the temperature in the room and fetches you some sweets from time to time … sure, 'low-maintenance' what else.” So mean … *pouts*

The week has been busy, so there wasn't really much time left for trying out your suggestion, but I discussed it with them and we all think that it makes sense. Will keep you updated if it actually helped, as soon as we got time to test it out.

As I got real bad tooth pain during the weekend, I went to see the dentist on Monday. One of my premolars/back teeth had a radiculitis and he needed to do a root canal treatment. I HATE dentists, I got some kind of phobia in that regard. It was really hard on me. But I survived and it got better the next day. To lessen the pain I took some aspirins, but I mixed them up with Sward's painkillers, which he got to treat his slipped disk. Hard stuff … I couldn't look straight any more and was kind of high till noon of the next day. Now I got a slight idea how Lin feels when he takes some of his 'big blue pills'. He needs those to lessen extreme heart pains that come from time to time and he behaves as if he is drunk and canned at the same time as soon as they are kicking in. Didn't feel great at all.

Lin and Sward finished the second set of bookshelves. Now the whole study is done, the only thing still missing are the four pictures that I am about to paint. The motives are coffee related, they fit the overall theme of the room quite well

We were so busy over the week, that I asked for sandwich-cuddle-time on the sofa with them yesterday evening. I really needed that, if feels so relaxing and .. well, just cuddly

Unfortunately Lin isn't feeling well, his doctor called and told him that some of his results don't look good and that they need to keep an eye on them. That's most likely the reason why he is so tired and worn out right now. I hope this will get better without him needing his tube-therapy (don't ask me how the right name for it is) again, it would cost us 200 €. A bit much at the moment, as we used everything for the renovation. We will see.
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