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Thanks for the wishes. I was ill just before exams, which affected my studying, but I do hope/believe I passed, at least. *fingers crossed*

Oh yeah, I had a suggestion, too. Maybe you could establish together that all of you want to become more comfortable with asking for/ having alone time; and maybe you could have an agreement that you try to do it more often and not only when you want to be intimate. That way it would become a habit, and it wouldn't be the situation where the person asked knows that's what you are up to, since it would be expressedly agreed that it wouldn't be only/primarily for sex.

Originally Posted by Phy View Post
If I need time for myself I go sit in front of my PC (I LOVE the little corner here, next to me is the door to the living room, when it is open it's like a small cave on my comfy chair <3 ), headphones on, reading, writing or playing something. That's all I need. I just love to have them around me and I mostly have 24/7. I have to say, going with the flow satisfies most of our needs.
This is cool, you seem to be pretty low-maintenance and naturally compatible. I like to think of myself as low-maintenance, mind you, but I've become more aware with my needs of time and space, so I do think I would need a bit more discussion and adjustment for multi-partner co-habitating to be comfortable for me. I like thinking about it hypothetically even though we aren't planning for it.
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